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Has Your Landlord Failed To Rectify Disrepair On Your Home? We Can Help You WIN Compensation HOUSING DISREPAIR case Lets Make a Start Today!

How can we help?
What Is Classed As Housing Disrepair?

Landlord’s are required by law to ensure that your property is kept in good repair. Where this does not happen we would;

  • Collect the facts about the disrepair and consider your tenancy agreement

  • Do an initial assessment of your case

  • Instruct a professional surveyor to complete a report identifying repairs

  • Request the landlord to complete repairs within an agreed timeframe

  • Consider an injury or ill-health suffered as a result of the disrepair

  • Consider any other losses such as damage to clothes, carpets, furniture etc

  • Try to negotiate early settlement of your claim, without Court action

  • Explain Court process and issue proceedings , if necessary

Next steps

If you think you have housing disrepair issues that your Landlord should have rectified, call to see how we can assist you with making a claim or for more details go to our housing disrepair site housing-disrepair.org

  • Defective Boiler or Heating System

  •  Damp and Mould

  •  Faulty Electrical Wiring

  •  Leaking Roof and Gutters

  •  Defective or Cracked Windows or Doors

  •  Wall Cracks and Structural Issues

  •  Rodent Infestation

  •  Faulty Gas or Water Supply

  •  Unsafe Flooring and Staircases

  •  Faulty Toilet, Bath, Shower or Sink

  •  Vegetation Growth or Build-Up on Exterior

Don’t Suffer in Silence Take Action 

When things go wrong with your living situation you need someone in your corner who understands the gravity of your situation. You are entitled to the support you need to make your home a more comfortable environment for your family. if the problem lies with the negligence of your housing association or landlord we can help.